Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Salticid" New Serial Fiction from Black Denim Lit on Wattpad

"Salticid" on Wattpad "Salticid" on Wattpad[/caption]

 Read 30-day serial fiction "Salticid" Part 1 and 2 on @wattpad

 Dr. Carson Deming has an embedded AI creature in his head to keep him company while marooned on Jesson VII with his daughter and surviving crew from a wrecked space freighter. Taking refuge underground from violent storms, they face a hazards in an unfamiliar, dangerous darkness.

#scifi #shortstory #empath #doctor #marooned  
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tell @t_morrissey to keep going. "Scent of Darkness" hits 500 reads

I just wanted to mention regarding Scent of Darkness. Ted Morrissey has been writing a series of interconnected stories, which he thinks of as “the village stories,” that he plans to tie together in some sort of experimental novel. So far stories that have been published are:
I guess we're prejudiced, since that last one has been read more than 500 times in the first month of its availability, so we think Ted should keep going.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Author Payments go "Semi-Pro"~! (no more $5 checks)

We're upgrading author payments from a flat $5.00 to semi-pro rate. Black Denim Lit now offers a semi-pro payment for each piece published online at
  • $0.01 per word
  • U.S. Dollars
  • Payment is through PayPal (you are responsible for currency conversion cost)
If a piece is selected for the twice-annual anthology, the contributor will also receive a free print copy of the edition containing their work. Next print release: Fall, 2014.

Authors have been notified that this is retroactive for acceptances back to March 14, 2014~!

For full submission guidelines please see, Don't forget, as always, we are woefully short on women author submissions. Keep writing.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What we do with copyright violations

As can happen sometimes, one of the stories licensed to Black Denim Lit has been re-posted on another website without permission or attribution. The original author contacted us to say that there was no permission at all granted for the other "reprinting site" to reproduce this story. We acted quickly on the author's behalf to get the post removed.

In this case, there are several reasons why the reprint violated the author's rights:
  • All content on that site was made newly available under Creative Commons license "BY SA" which is insufficient to protect this copyrighted material (from being propagated for profit or being modified)
  • The posting of the story was missing the author copyright notice
  • It was missing the correct attribution to the author
  • It was missing the attribution for the source publication
  • The reprint site solicited for financial compensation (a gratuity), implying there was an agreement between the author and the reprint site, which there was not
  • The posting listed an email for the original author on the site's domain, which was not under the actual author's control. Also this appearance would incorrectly imply to a casual reader that the author is a contributor for them, which he wasn't.
In the beginning, we at Black Denim Lit were able to acquire the author's story under paid license for First Rights only. Anyone reprinting without permission from the author is a misappropriation. In other words that act infringes on the author's control of copyright that were never licensed to anyone.

Specific to us as a magazine, copying the material from Black Denim Lit threatens our ability to assure our authors that their works remain their own and that they have all other copyrights over what they have trusted to our magazine first.

In general, during the story acceptance process I tell authors not to agree to publishing stories without understanding what rights exist over their work and how to grant or license the rights to others. Advocacy sites such as can help. For our part we enforce a terms of service link on the site. Among many simple points of law and common courtesy, it advises site users that they aren't supposed to be reprinting without written permission.

In the end, I asked that the reprinting site remove the story immediately and they complied within a day, providing an indefensible explanation and tepid apologies. They offered no means for the author to be given any funds that were solicited from the public on his behalf. Lastly, they severed their relationship with us, withdrawing all their articles about "Black Denim Lit," which is arguably unnecessary, but probably for the best.

It was an unfortunate situation, but copyrights are important and should not be thrown down casually for the sake of exposure or ignorance of what is guaranteed by law to be fair.

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If Black Denim Lit had a VIDA count…

Since we are so small, we’re not part of the VIDA count, but we intend to pay attention to this important metric. If you are a woman in the literary arts, please know that we are listening. Here is where we are at as of the acceptances sent through April 9, 2014:


As always, we are calling women #writers for #literary #fiction and #scifi #shortstory and#flashfiction #submissions at

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Stories Released!~ #Online #EPUB #MOBI #PDF #free @TheShortCourse @StevenCrandell @OscarWindsor

Seven Brand New Stories

Black Denim Lit is a monthly journal of fiction available on the web and on all eReaders for free through This month we brings together sixty pages of bold, intriguing new fiction from Oscar Windsor-Smith, Robert Carlton, Steven Crandell, Michael Fontana, Phil Richardson, Chad Greene and Craig Temple.

Black Denim Lit April, 2014 Black Denim Lit

A LESSON FROM THE ROAD Bob Carlton 1050 words. Ben considers his options and prejudices with a young hitchhiker.

OUR IMMORTAL SOULS Phil Richardson 3800 words. Amanda and Corwin work out the details of how to comply with the negative population growth policies. "We could fake your death—say you jumped into a volcano. It would be hard but we could do it…."

MAPS AND MIRACLES Michael Fontana 1250 words "The snowman bore two blue stones for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and a crack pipe in what should have been its mouth."

TAILING THE BLOND SATAN Oscar Windsor-Smith 2600 words. Officer Winston Morgan, a strapping broad-shouldered guy in a white sweatshirt and blue jeans works a coldcase that no one else will touch.

BEST BABY Craig Temple 650 words. A beleaguered mother pursues answers to what makes the best baby.

INTO OPEN HANDS Steven Crandell 2200 words. A widower considers his path, the complexity of societal expectation and precept when there is nothing left.

DRILL & KILL Chad Greene 5700 words. Mr. Black teaches his way through absurd post-9/11 era changes to the staff, faculty and students in his rural school.

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ISBN: 9781312065307