Thursday, May 22, 2014

Writer Resource Highlight: Writer's Carnival

What is it?
Writer's Carnival,, a social site for writers--with member space~!

What I do there?
  • share your writing in order to obtain feedback from other writers,
  • enter contests (requires upgraded access),
  • browse for writing prompt ideas,
  • access resources, ...and more~!

Do they publish? Will I become a better writer?
  • They do have an e-zine called "Reader's Carnival" (requires upgraded access) , and
  • They have a classes web, with modestly priced Writer's Carnival Classes.
  • Don't forget the free resources!
  • 15 months old
  • just over 2,000 members
  • more than 56,000 comments.
But I'm not Canadian?!
That's ok, we all have our flaws. They engage their users every day with new content and are growing. They're constantly looking for great resources for their members. Friendly folks, for sure.

  • "Alice Claire" says "So, you’ve come up with an awesome story idea, started writing it and posting it here for feedback.   Now you’re wondering where your audience is, right?  Well, that’s a large part of being a writer, especially if you’re going down the self-publishing road.  You need to find your target audience.  How will you do that?" Read more...
  • @WCWritingTips says "Who's up for some friendly competition? Flash Fiction, 150 words, can you make a complete story? … #flashfiction" Read more...
Worth a visit~!


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